Short Films 

Saturday, February 10th
Tickets are $10

Becoming one of the most popular blocks of the Classical Arts Film Festival, The SHORT FILMS BLOCK offers a variety of perspectives.  There are sacrifices made for every celebration in life but a life dedicated to the classical arts is a long road.  These films reflect that journey and represent the mission of Classical Arts Film Festival.

There will be an audience choice vote for best short film during this block.  Don't forget to pick up your ballot at the box office.

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A Hand Of Bridge

Directed by David Miller and Frank Borin
Produced by David Miller

A faithful adaptation of the micro-opera A Hand of Bridge (1958) by Samuel Barber. Two couples reveal their deepest desires, darkest fears, and wildest fantasies during an evening playing bridge.



Directed by Caroline Harrison
Produced by Caroline Harrison

This is an intimate portrait of ballerina Mathilde Froustey at the peak of her career. Not in the middle of a successful season, but just after a serious foot injury that has forced her off stage. This is a woman who must overcome the expectation that she is finished, and focus simply on daily grind of patience and recovery.


The Beast Underneath

Directed by Anaëlle Morf and Alexandre Rufin
Produced by Anaëlle Morf

On the 27th of February 2016, in the city of La Baie, Quebec, the famous fisherman Marc Gagnon discovered a new species of halibut that could reach several meters. Because the man is always looking to control nature: How far is his megalomania going to take him? 


La Folia

Directed by Adam Grannick
Produced by Adriana Spencer

La Folía is a visual anthology of twenty-four short stories, from the imaginations of over a dozen different people and all inspired by variations on the same ancient melody. The thematic story that links La Folía’s stories begins and ends the film, returning its protagonist full circle, yet changed.


Fall Repeat

Directed by Elise Sievert Bhushan
Produced by Ariel Eliaz, Tony Spiridakis,
Shannon Goldman, MFI

A dancer compromises for the sake of ambition while her mentor pushes boundaries of power.


Espressivo: A Love Song To Coffee

Directed by Deb Ethier
Produced by Deb Ethier

Three rats and a robot lovingly spoof an aria from JS Bach's "Coffee Cantata".


The Secret Woman

Directed by Melinda Darlington-Bach
Produced by Cynthia Pepper

Charles Dickens led a prolific and
full life, but he had a secret...
Her name was Ellen Lawless Ternan.

The Secret Woman is a ballet-based, narrative short film, starring Silicon Valley Ballet principal, Alexsandra Meijer and fellow company dancer, Ryan Seitheach McMahon. As the father of 10 children, Dickens had a life-long struggle between his wife, who did not believe in divorce, and the other woman he dearly loved.


Notes On A Violin

Directed by Taly Oehler
Produced by Taly Oehler

Notes on a Violin explores the life of a violin-obsessed teacher, Darren Briggs, who wants to spread the 'gospel' of classical music by teaching people he meets on the street how to play the violin.